Friday, June 15, 2012

Blueberries vs. Chocolate

I am only going to mention this fact once in this post...I have a two year old.  Now that that's out of the way.  What do you turn to when you encounter high stress and high frustration moments in your life?  Many of us turn to food, and many women turn to chocolate.  I can't say I'm a chocoholic, but there have been times I have grabbed a handful, or 2, or 3, of chocolate chips to get me through (I actually learned this trick from my dear friend D:).  But there are other things, like chips, BBQ chips, greasy, salt BBQ chips, that have been my friends in the past when I'm having a hard time coping.  I have rid my kitchen of most, not great for me things, for which I am quite pleased.  But I still have those times when I just "need" something, something to help me calm down, to take my mind off what seems to be a terribly hard moment.  

The other day I picked up some yummy blueberries to enjoy in my granola and yogurt for breakfast.  I've also been snacking on them throughout the day too.  I was very grateful for this purchase recently.  They became my friend during that moment of stress.  To choose blueberries over chocolate chips (since I don't have any BBQ chips) is what I consider a triumph.  So I am patting myself on the back today.  I hope you recognize the little triumphs in your life too and pat yourself on the back.  Tell a friend and let them high five you.  We all need encouragement and congrats to give us confidence and help us feel good about the improvements we are making.  

What are things you do to cope with stress in a healthy way, be it food or otherwise?

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