Friday, June 22, 2012

Cucumber Lemon Water

Water.  I know it's sooo good for me and my health.  I love it on a warm day or after a good work out, but there aren't many warm days around here and I'm a slacker on getting a good work out (help!).  Other times it can be a challenge for me to drink enough of that oh, so vital fluid.  A few things help me and maybe they can help you too. 

1)  I like to know how much I have to drink and how much I have already consumed.  To help with this I fill up a 32 ounce canning jar so I know that if I drink 2 jars a day I will have drunk a good amount.

2)  Drinks just taste better using a straw.  Try these.

3)  Add lemon.  It tastes good and you'll get some good for you vitamin C as a bonus.

4)  Add cucumber.  I learned about adding cucumber to my water while staying at hotels for a 6 month period.  I was surprised at how yummy and refreshing a slice of cucumber made the water.  Try it today!

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Anonymous said...

(A comment from my mom who didn't know how to post a comment).
I really like this post. I too am looking for ways to drink my water allotment. Having containers designated to this fluid (3-24 oz bottles) has helped immensely. The formula I recently heard for how much water we ought to drink: your body weight divided by 2.Wow!
I like putting a drop or two of Lemon Essential Oil (doTerra CPTG Essential Oils) for taste and cleansing and maybe a couple drops of stevia (flavored). Thanks for the cucumber tip! Love ya, Mom