Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good Quality Peanut Butter

Recently we purchased an ice cream maker for Father's Day and we absolutely love it.  Yes, I know Father's Day is not until this Sunday, but how could I let an ice cream maker sit unused for that long?  The ice cream maker comes with a bunch of recipes to try.  While looking over the various types of ice cream I saw one for peanut butter ice cream.  I really like peanut butter shakes so this sounded quite tasty.  Looking over the ingredients I was take aback when I read what kind of peanut butter they called for.  I quote, "good quality peanut butter (not natural)."  Am I the only one that finds this statement contradictory?  Maybe I'm just becoming too much of a natural foodster, but that really made me laugh.  I grew up on the kind of peanut butter you had to get a big wooden spoon to stir in the oil on top.  For some reason, I started buying the "other" kind that has lots more added to it than just peanuts and salt.  I'm back to the peanuts and salt variety now.  Anyway, my point is, wouldn't "good quality" and "natural" mean the same thing to you?  

When I started going more whole and in the raw with my food choices I ended up giving away and taking the peanut butter that is more than peanuts and salt to the local food bank.  Go take a look at the ingredients in the peanut butter in your cupboard.  Maybe consider if those extra ingredients are necessary and good for your health and that of your family.  As you transition to a whole foods lifestyle it may be helpful to take baby steps.  This could be one of those baby steps.  Good luck in living more whole and in the raw.

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Mishqueen said...

Is it the kind of ice cream maker that doesn't need ice? If so, I'm incredibly envious. :)