Monday, June 4, 2012

My Dinner Diary: Week 2

Monday, May 28, 2012
Today, being Memorial Day, we invited family to our home to remember those who served and died to protect our precious freedoms. In my mind it makes sense to gather together with those you love on a day like today as it is because of those who have served our country that it's possible for such gatherings.  I am grateful.

Normally, we would throw on hamburgers and hot dogs for the main course and have bags of chips, potato salad, and what not.  This time we upped the healthy notch and enjoyed
shish kabobs with lots of veggies and tasty sides.  We are not completely meatless around here, though we eat much, much less, plus my family members are for sure not meatless.  So we marinated steak and chicken breasts (thank you sista G) and sliced up yellow squash, zucchini, peppers, red onion, and fresh pineapple, oh and fresh garlic for our shish kabobs.  Thanks to Officer J and my hubby, the shish kabobs were grilled to perfection.  Sista L brought a lovely veggie tray, Sista G and Officer J made a fruit salad, and I made a cabbage salad (another recipe from Robyn's 12 Step Manual). Everyone was very happy with the food choices and I don't think anyone missed the hot dogs and greasy chips. We had the leftovers of our homemade strawberry and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  There was not a whole lot left for as many people as we had so we probably each had 1/4 cup or so.  

Cabbage Salad
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Another late night dinner.  Am I ever going to get on top of actually preparing dinner and having it ready at a decent hour.  Today's excuse was weird.  I started having a pain in my lower back that was not normal.  I thought I'd look online to make sure it wasn't the appendix or something.  Well, as I started reading about the symptoms for appendicitis all of a sudden I started getting really light-headed and even nauseous.  I really thought I was going to pass out which worried me since the Monkey was outside playing.  I got on the phone and called a good friend.  She was ready to come over, but I had her just talk to me until my husband got home instead.  I never passed out, but the rest of the night I was pretty woozy.  So...the hubby threw together a burrito for me made out of a whole wheat tortilla, canned black beans, spring mix greens, chopped tomato, shredded cheese, and salsa.  As you can see this is a very common meal.  I like it, it's easy, healthy, and I usually have the ingredients on hand.

Whole Wheat Veggie and Black Bean Burrito
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
On a day I actually had a meal planned and prepared at a normal dinner time, the hubby had to work really late.  Oh well, I enjoyed it.  I made a recipe called, New-School Tuna Melt, from a book I got from my mom for my birthday called, "Spilling the Beans."Spilling the Beans: Cooking and Baking with Beans and Grains Everyday
The only difference was I added some red pepper flakes for a little kick and sliced tomato on top. I rid my cupboards of mayonnaise awhile back and didn't know how I could have a tuna fish sandwich without it.  Now I can.  A little olive oil and some flavorful ingredients and mayonnaise becomes a thing of the past.
New-School Tuna Melt
Thursday, May 31, 2012
I'm on a roll now.  Today I made some of my whole wheat pizza dough for our traditional veggie pizzas for dinner.  I made a salad with shredded carrots, celery, feta, cucumber, and black pepper.  Since I still have some ranch dressing in my fridge to get rid of and wasn't up to making my own at the time, that's what we used. I also opened a can of peaches  (no high-fructose corn syrup in these) and sprinkled some chopped nuts on top.  My hubby was quite pleased to have a meal ready when he got home and homemade pizza at that.

Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza
Friday, June 1, 2012
Happy Birthday Sista G!  Good thing I took a picture of what I made today (I'm writing this a few days later and I completely forgot).  We had breakfast for dinner.  In my Bosch slicer/shredder I shredded a bunch of potatoes for hash browns, fried them in extra virgin olive oil and seasoned them with a little sea salt and black pepper.  I sauteed green onions and sweet peppers and mixed them in with scrambled eggs and a little sea salt. I love potatoes and ate too many, but, hey, I didn't drench them in ketchup like I usually would have.  That's improvement for me.  This meal could have use some more veggies, but it's what worked after a busy day of helping friends move (sad).  

Hash browns and Scrambled Veggie Omelette
Saturday, June 2, 2012
We didn't really have dinner today.  We joined family members at a family track meet held in the evening.  I actually ran a 400 meter dash and made it all the way around the track without falling over.  Yes, my next goal is to figure out how to make time for exercise.  So, the monkey had snacks during the meet and I downed a few corn tortilla tacos after getting home pretty late.  There are just going to be nights like these so the goal is to have healthy foods I can take to go.  Any suggestions?

Corn Tortilla Tacos
Sunday, June 3, 2012
I hope you had a nice Sabbath day.  We spent the evening with my side of the family to celebrate Sista G's and Sista L's birthdays.  My mom prepared breaded fish and shrimp (store bought), red potatoes, corn on the cob, and a fruit tray.  I brought a green salad with homemade dressing.  I ended up passing on the breaded fish and shrimp (I don't ever eat shrimp anyway) and had lots of salad, some red potatoes, and 2 cobs of corn (so good I didn't even need butter).  I took a small bite of a beautiful dessert my mom made and did eat a few pieces of chocolate my mom brought home from a recent trip to Sweden.

Keep creating!

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