Monday, June 25, 2012

My Dinner Diary: Week 5

Whole Wheat German Pancakes with Peaches
I'm pretty proud of myself this week.  Sunday evening I planned out meals for the entire week.  On Monday (6/18/12) I made the whole wheat oven pancakes that I originally had planned for Sunday, but since it was Father's Day I made my hubby's choice for dinner.  I've always loved oven pancakes (also known as German pancakes), but the last time I made them my stomach didn't feel so good.  I didn't have a problem this time and I used whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose white flour.  The recipe I followed called for sliced pears, but I only had peaches.  I also used whole milk instead of reduced fat and honey instead of cane sugar.  It was delicious and I'm sure it would've been delicious with pears as well.  We downed them like they were nothing.  It was a good thing I made my green smoothies to go along with them.

Veggie Cilantro-Lime Quinoa Burritos
I was able to go shopping for the ingredients I would need for the rest of the week's meals Tuesday (6/19/12) morning and got a few other errands run at the same time.  Thank you monkey for being more calm during this shopping trip.  It was nice to go early and then have story time at the library right after.  Hmmm...this could become a tradition.  Thankfully the monkey took a long nap so I could prepare the health presentation I was doing for my sister-in-law's Relief Society activity (what a fun experience to share my "health revolution" with other ladies and they were so nice).  I also was able to make dinner before I had to leave.  We had veggie cilantro-lime quinoa burritos (my own creation).  All I did was fill a whole wheat tortilla with quinoa, black beans, tomato, shredded cabbage, green onion, and fresh cilantro.  Then I squeezed fresh lime juice all over, wrapped it up and enjoyed.  I ate another one after I came home from the health presentation.

It was a beautiful, warm, and sunny Wednesday (6/20/12) so the monkey and I filled up the little kiddie pool to play in.  Around noon I decided we needed to enjoy the nice weather at the beach by our house.  I actually got hot for the first time this year.  The monkey had a great time playing in the sand and I found a friend to chat with (thanks for the convo BB).  It was a little rushed in the evening before I had to leave for youth group so I was glad steak salad was on the menu, though I found the hubby took the rest of the leftover steak to work for lunch so it was just salad.  That's okay, I certainly didn't miss it.  I made a tasty lemon-lime dressing (recipe from Green Smoothie Girl's 12 Step program) to add to my spring mix, cucumber, cabbage, and tomato salad.  I got a few comments on my "healthy" ways since I brought the salad to youth group to eat.  There were cookies and treats available, and though it is a little tempting, I resisted.  

Curried Quinoa Salad
Thursday (6/21/12) turned out to be another nice day.  Sista G and Officer J's family met us at a nearby lake to go boating in the evening.  I brought along the curried quinoa salad (recipe from "Spilling the Beans") I made before heading out.  My hubby ate his portion in the car on the way to the lake and, more than once, he told me how good it was.  This means a lot coming from a guy who does not get as excited about food as myself.  I loved it too.  I also snacked on grapes and a couple peaches, as well as nuts and the wheat thins sista G brought, oh, and the Monkey's peanut butter and jelly sandwich that he didn't want.  I guess I was pretty hungry.  Sitting on a boat watching other's ski really builds an appetite.  

Whole Wheat Tortilla Veggie Pizza
My hubby is supposed to have Friday's off, but when he's busy, which he is, he ends up having to go in to work, which he did today (6/22/12).  It was really rainy and though the monkey and I had fun playing for the first part of the morning I wondered what I was going to do the rest of the day.  So I jumped on my sweet sista L's offer to come over and hang out.  I got home later than intended so the plan to make pizza seemed like it wouldn't happen at first.  Then I remembered that pizza using tortilla's is quick and pretty tasty.  It doesn't beat home made dough, but it sure is a great alternative when time is short and tummy's are hungry now.  I already had pizza sauce (recipe based off of this one) made that I just needed to thaw.  On mine I had sliced tomatoes and peppers with mozzarella cheese and a little feta sprinkled on top.  The hubby always has olives and mushrooms.  

After coming home from a youth temple trip today (6/23/12) we hurried and got ready to go check out a sailboat (my hubby is on the hunt).  I made a salad I could eat on the way and packed some grapes, nuts, and fruit leather for the drive.  We looked at the sailboat for awhile (not the one:) then headed for home.  It was getting late in the evening after also having stopped at my bro C's house for stuff I left there (I got my camera back!).  Being late and being hungry we decided to stop at a burrito place my sista L told me about recently.  I chose the whole wheat tortilla and added black beans, lime rice (it was white so I added less, but I probably wouldn't get the rice next time unless they start offering brown), pico de gallo, cilantro, and squeezed fresh lime juice on top.  I noticed they had fajita vegetables as added price option (peppers and onions) after the fact, which sounded good.  Next time.

Whole Wheat Crepes
We made it through Sacrament meeting at church today (6/24/12)!  This is a big feat as there's a reason the Monkey is called the Monkey.  After church we had our dinner for lunch.  This seems to be a good way to do meals on Sunday.  I made whole wheat crepes and they turned out so good and it was so easy.  As a filling I fried some shredded potatoes for hash browns and sliced peppers and green onions that I coated in extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, and a little sea salt and pepper.  My hubby also filled his with thawed frozen strawberries with a little added touch of honey and sliced bananas.  After quiet time that was not quiet we played trains, walked around the nearby state beach park, video chatted with Grandma and Grandpa C, visited a family from church, then crashed (or at least I did) after putting the Monkey to bed.

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