Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Prayer for Balance

I have been thinking much about and trying hard to implement a balanced lifestyle.  Often, it feels as though home responsibilities take precedence over other, possibly more important, acts of service and kindness.  I was thinking that at the end of my life as I looked back and contemplated if it was balanced I would much rather see that I erred on the side of putting too much weight on being kind, loving, and giving help and service to others, including my child, husband, and extended family members.  This takes faith and even courage to let other responsibilities that are good and important sometimes take a backseat when someone to be loved sits in the front for a time.  My prayer is that I can develop this faith, this courage, and this love that I might one day stand guiltless and at peace in front of my Savior and see even a slight resemblance of my reflection in Him. Written Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 6:50am

I am showing this video as part of the lesson I will be teaching the young women in church today and goes along with my thoughts on erring on the side of service.

Have I Done any Good in the World Today?

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Mishqueen said...

I am struggling with this exact same thing. I have come to the opinion that I have never said No so often, nor to people so close to me. I've always said No when I needed to, but this is ridiculous!