Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thoughts for the Sabbath: Prayer

The Monkey's New Hair Cut June 2012
The Monkey is two.  That statement could say it all, but I’ll explain a little more.  Recently he has had some major episodes in the tantrum department.  Specifically, he has had (really all his life, but worse now) a really hard time waking up from his afternoon nap.  This has caused me to do a little research and say some prayers for help.  I have been inspired to adjust my disciplining and my reactions to unpleasant behavior.  One  prompting I received was to pray over my child.  So when the Monkey is upset and can’t seem to calm himself I have him sit on my lap and ask him if he wants to say a prayer.  He says yes and I offer a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help the Monkey to feel better and calm down and I even ask that I will know how to help.  After the prayer the Monkey is much calmer and able to either move on or communicate better what he needs.  Prayer works! (Written February 1, 2012)

My son loves to play with my wallet.  He spends quite some time taking out all the cards and putting them back.  I let him because I love to see how focused he becomes.  This morning he was playing with my wallet again.  I decided to read my favorite book (The Book of Mormon), while he was occupied.  Before heading out for a walk with my husband and boy I went to put my wallet back together.  I noticed my temple recommend was missing.  This recommend is for members of my church who have taken certain steps that qualify them to enter in and participate in work inside the temple.  It is important to me and it would take some effort to replace the recommend as I am far from home.  I was somewhat frustrated as I searched our tiny place.  I was fairly certain it had to be somewhere in our room, but there was a chance it had been lost since the Monkey had been playing with my wallet the day before on the metro.  Though I hear stories often about people saying a prayer to find something it is always humbling when it happens to you.  I said a little prayer asking for help to find my recommend, but if it was lost, to help me stay in good spirits.  I went out to the kitchen and looked in the trash to find my temple recommend along with a couple other items that had made there way in.  I am thankful I lost recommend because it allowed me to humble myself and ask for the help of my Heavenly Father.
(Written around September 2011)

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