Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Late Night Pie

With my hubby gone for the evening I decided to use my time a little more wisely.  After putting the Monkey to bed, instead of sitting down with a big bowl of popcorn in front of the t.v. trying to figure out what to watch since I don't watch much of anything, I perused the dessert section of one of my cookbooks for a treat to make.  I settled on a variation of key lime pie as I had all the ingredients and I knew my hubby wouldn't be sad not having any 'cause it's not his favorite.  

Here are a few things I learned:

Raw food desserts can be so easy and so good for you.  They most likely say to soak the nuts for enhanced nutrition, which is good, but it was not necessary for this dessert. I processed the nut crust mixture just fine without soaking and it tasted great too.  

I also found it was not necessary to soak the dates.  I used my Bosch food processor attachment and they blended just fine.

Fresh lime juice is better than bottled lime juice.  I only had bottled lime juice on hand so that's what I used.  It tasted good, but it left a more bitter taste in the mouth that I'm pretty sure wouldn't happen if I had used fresh squeezed lime juice.

It does make a difference letting the pie cool in the refrigerator.  It was late when I made the pie and I could not resist having a taste until the next day.  The pie was good, but I had to spoon it out as the filling was a bit runny.  The next day, after refrigerating it, the pie was all firmed up and sliced much easier and I think the flavors came together better as well.

Link here for the recipe.


Mishqueen said...

So the hubs said he liked it, but would add only one thing.


What a nerd.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Well, you definitely could add more sugar. I'm curious if he noticed the bitter lime taste?

Mishqueen said...

He said he sort of tasted it, but it wasn't bad.