Saturday, July 21, 2012

Movie Review: Gifted Hands

Upon recommendation from my sister who knows my standards for movies I sat down to watch this movie late one night since my hubby was away.  I previously started a different movie that I had to turn off due to inappropriate contact.  It's always a bummer when that happens.  I had no regrets though as this movie was clean and amazingly inspiring and true.  Gifted Hands is based on the life of Ben Carson who overcomes amazing odds to become a famous neurosurgeon.  I love that it doesn't overlook his faith in God as one of his sources of help, motivation, and inspiration.  I came away wanting to spend my time more wisely educating myself and my family.  I also came away reveling in the miracle of the body.  And I came away feeling grateful for my family.  

If there was anything questionable it would be the one-time use of the "H" word.  There are many topics to talk about with children including, prejudices, education, God and the miracle of the body, overcome challenges and weaknesses, self-reliance, etc...

Oh, and you can watch this instantly on Netflix.

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