My Dinner Diary

My goal is to share what I eat for dinner every day.  This dinner diary has a few purposes. One, it's a fun way to journal about my day as there are always events surrounding dinner and what goes into making it.  Two, it helps me try to make healthier choices since I will be sharing what I am eating with you. Three, it shows that dinner is not always an extravagant meal and sometimes my choices aren't perfect.  Four, I hope you will get ideas on what to serve your families for dinner.  Enjoy reading all the juicy details from my diary...about dinner.

Week 1 (5/29/12)
Week 2 (6/4/12)
Week 3 (6/11/12)
Week 4 (6/18/12)
Week 5 (6/25/12)
Week 6 (7/2/12)
Week 7,8,9 (7/22/12)
Week 10 (7/30/12)
Week 10 (8/6/12)

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